Timmerman School
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In the event that Timmerman must be closed because of inclement weather or an emergency at school, announcements will be made alerting parents and students about changes in our schedule. We will be using the School Alert Program offered by WIS Television.  If there is any question about a decision to close our school, delay the opening, or dismiss early, WIS-TV will keep you informed.
    Please remember that many parents depend on us to be open because they have to go to work. We are not bound by public school openings and closings. We do not operate buses on rural routes.


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Cindy Jones 
     Pre-School Director

  Timmerman School reminds us of our most precious gifts: our children. They add meaning to our life, and fill it with love and laughter.  It has been said that you can judge a nation by the laughter of its children. Thank you for sharing your child with us.
Teachers' visions soar for the children with parent's cooperation and support! Children that are educated can explore the universe with confidence and knowledge. They will have the power to heal the world.

                   "We touch the lives of children."
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